Andrew Kabuura Shows Off Wife, Flavia Tumusiime At Kamadi’s Wedding | VIDEO

September 19, 2021
Andrew Kabuura and wife, Flavia Tumusiime

Andrew Kabuura and wife, Flavia Tumusiime

Andrew Kabuura and wife, Flavia Tumusiime have no signs of separating despite secret chats of hubby cheating with side bae leaking online.

Last weekend, online in-laws were left in total frenzy after Andrew Kabuura was unmasked for cheating on wife Flavia Tumusiime with French Embassy official, Mercy Twinomujuni.

WhatsApp chat exchanges between Kabuura and Mercy left netizens scratching their heads asking what men really want in life.

Mercy Twinomujuni

Kabuura and Flavia exchanged wedding vows in January 2019 and are blessed with a boy child.

After the chats leaked, Sheebah Karungi blasted Kabuura and branded him disgusting as she leaped to Flavia’s defense. Most netizens thought it was all over between the celebrity couple but Flavia and Kabuura have played it cool.

Last Monday, Kabuura bravely hosted his sports show, ‘Pressbox’ on NTV, earning praise from Sharp Shooters Association Uganda (SSAU).

Since the incident happened, Flavia spoke out for the first time on Friday and admitted to having had a “tough week” but also stated “it’s starting to look better.”

Andrew Kabuura and wife, Flavia Tumusiime

She wrote, “I’m okay. Been a tough week but it’s stating to look better. God is good.”

Yesterday as former NTV journalist, Joel Kamadi wedded wife, Kabuura asked his wife, Flavia to stand up for recognition, leaving guests in laughers.

Watch the video below:
Kabuura introduces wife Flavia Tumusiime at Joel kamadi’s wedding

An insider intimated to us that Flavia and Kabuura won’t separate revealing that she already knew about Mercy and her hubby.

It is said that when Flavia learnt about Kabuura’s infidelity, she wanted to walk out of marriage but later solved the issues amicably.

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