Alien Skin to outcompete Bobi Wine, announces his desire to join politics

October 18, 2023
Alien Skin

Alien Skin

Singer Alien Skin has announced his desire to join politics in the next general elections as he introduces his own new political party.

He made this statement after announcing that he will officially retire from music in December just months after getting on top of his career.

When Alien Skin started trending, different people immediately determined his down fall.

It seems like Alien Skin is not about to wait for the downfall. He is voluntarily retiring from music to do other things and give the young generation a chance to also rise on top

According to Alien Skin, his fans shouldn’t be worried at all. He is going to still be in touch with them because he is planning to even join politics.

He told Ugandans to prepare and not be caught by a surprise when he launches the Fangon Unity Platform (FUP) as a political party.

It’s a wrap! Alien Skin to resign from music industry in December

“I will be there even after music, I’m planning to join politics, don’t be surprised when you see my political party called Fangone Unity Platform (FUP) soon,” – AlienskinUg

The singer has been the opposite of what people think he is. He is living by his promises and wants to serve as an example to the old musicians.

Alien Skin said it is not important to stay in the music for a long time without helping the young talents also rise to the top.