Zuchu Denies Being The Reason Diamond Platnumz Separated With Tanasha Donna

May 17, 2020

Singer Khadija Kopa’s daughter Zuchu, who was recently signed by Diamond Platnumz’ Wasafi WCB’s record label, has denied rumors that she’s the reason he broke up with Tanasha Donna.

Tanasha revealed that she parted ways with her baby daddy because he cheated on her several times.

“I could fight all those people but i realised i couldn’t fight alone. My mom has shown me that if it doesn’t work, you fight. If it is too many back and forth or when you reach dead end that is when you bounce. I fought it all. But when it came to infidelity i realised i was fighting war on my own”, She said.



“I confronted him, blocked him and called it quits. It was the limit for me especially since i was loyal like crazy for him. It had been ride or die for me. I had to leave for the sake of my son and my own mental health”.

In an interview with Wikienda, Zuchu, who was taken for shopping by Diamond dispelled rumors that they were seeing each other.

Zuchu and Diamond doing shopping

“I was warned by my mother that netizens can lead me astray and stop me from achieving my dreams. Don’t believe everything that’s being said because there is freedom of expression and people say what we want to. I was not involved in Tanasha’s relationship with Diamond, am at Wasafi for work only”, She said.

Zuchu is focused on her career and she revealed that dating wasn’t in her plans for now.

“I need to pursue my dreams and don’t have time for people who want to break my heart. Most importatly, i respect all my bosses at WCB and i also respect Diamond and Tanasha”, She added.