Zari Reveals How She Met Diamond Platnumz, Warns His ‘Brother’ Ricardo To Stop Tarnishing Her Name

November 21, 2020
Diamond, Zari

Diamond with Zari

South African-based Uganda slayer, Zari Hassan is not happy with Diamond Platnumz’ ‘brother’, Ricardo Momo for tarnishing her name to get likes and comments on social media.

Diamond Platnumz normally mentions Ricardo Momo in his songs.  Ricardo Momo is a radio presenter and a person Diamond considers a brother, though not blood.

Ricardo Momo is also part of the management at Wasafi Records.

Ricardo Momo with Diamond Platnumz
Zari has lashed out at Ricardo Momo, branding him a clout chaser after he did an interview with Wasafi FM on how Zari met Diamond.

His explanation did not impress Zari after he lied that she was the one who texted Diamond, saying she has a production company which they would work together on.

“Zari DM’ed Diamond and gave her his manager’s number, Sallam. The second time, thats when they met on the plane”.

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Well, Diamond and Zari have in the past shared how they first met on the plane. Zari has now gone to social media to slam Ricardo Momo saying the reason why he first texted the singer was to book him for her white party.

“Ricardo next time get your facts right without chasing clout for likes and comments by trashing my name. When i texted him, it was for a white party and i was going to pay him because i had money before i met him”.

Adding; “And he said i talk to the manager but they were already booked that season. Then i met him on the flight. We were sitting next to each other. Kama kawaida we talked like any other people on the same row. We exchanged numbers and i didn’t see him after the flight–He kept texting me like every other minute how he wanted us to meet and i finally met him. Clout chase smh!”

Zari’s setting record straight

Zari met Diamond soon after she separated from the late Ivan Ssemwanga, Diamond had also broken up with Wema Sepetu.

At the beginning of this week, Zari and her two kids; Tiffah and Nillan, returned back to South Africa after spending a week with Diamond Platnumz in Tanzania.