Zari Confirms Relationship By Publicly Kissing King Bae, Cedric Fourie – WATCH VIDEO

January 6, 2020

Zari Hassan finally confirms she in a relationship after publicly kissing Cedric Fourie, popularly known as King Bae, on the lips while at a club in Zimbabwe.
Zari, a mother of five, has always kept King Bae’s face hidden from the public. Even when she shared videos or photos of him, the face would be hidden until recently when he was busted.

Zarie with Cedric

Cedric Anthony Fourie a.k.a King Bae is a 29-year-old famous South African Actor and TV personality born in Gauteng. There has been a wave of reports on social media claiming that he is gay.
Cedric and his alleged gay partner Lasizwe

Cedric and his alleged gay partner Lasizwe

According to South African website, Cedric Fourie is a proud member of the LGBTIQ+ community and a caring father to one son born in 2015. So, far, not much is known about his son’s mother.

Watch video of Zarie Kassing Cedric below:


Check more of Cedric and his alleged gay partner Lasizwe pictures below: