Zahara Totto Was A Prostitute, Selling Herself, I Knew Her Before Most Of You – Record TV’s Luzze Spills Secrets

May 3, 2020

On Tuesday, NBS TV UnCut co-host, Zahara Totto took matters in her hands, abused and vowed to deal with Record TV’s Luzze Anderson.

This comes after Luzze sent Zahara Totto a message asking her for an interview.

An angry Totto who accuse Luzze of attacking her family and exposing her kids, started hurling all sorts of dirty abuses and told him that she will never forgive him.

Luzze  tried to apologise and explain that he meant no harm but a fed up Totto continued with x-rated abuses and told him he should never come close to her.

To Luzze, he says he has been friends with Zahara Totto since 2014 when she was a prostitute and promoting bars.

He claims he gave her an opportunity to appear on WBS TV when his producer, Charles Oimuke was against her. I saved her in my phone as Zahara Totto Mayala, because by the time i knew her, she was a prostitute.

“I met Zahara Totto in 2014 when she was a prostitute selling herself and promoting bars. I gave her an opportunity to appear on TV but by producer, Charles Oimuke asked me do you know that girl is a prostitute? how can you host her on TV?”, Luzze said.

He says they have been friends for a long time and in this quarantine, he wanted to promote his YouTube channel, and thought about former WBS TV workmates, Sabiti and Midred Tuhaise who were far.

This is when he thought about Zahara Totto. Luzze says he first called her and didn’t pick and she later sent him a message asking him to text.

Luzze sometime back, he went to Zahara’s family house and exposed her kids’ condition which annoyed the NBS TV ‘UnCut’ presenter.

Learning that it was Luzze who wanted to talk to her, she started hurling all sorts of abuses at him.


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