Zahara Totto Names Her Bride Price, Warns Off Broke Men

June 13, 2021
Zahara Totto

Zahara Totto

Zahara Totto, the NBS TV gossip queen has named her bride price and issued a warning to a man who wishes to hook her up into marriage.

Talking on NBS ‘UnCut’ with fellow gossipmonger, Kayz, she told all men that were planning to hit her number for a romantic call to first look into their pockets before making any moves. She revealed that she is worth sh10bn.

Zahara Totto

“I am beautiful, pretty, with a smooth face and skin. I am worth billions. Actually, my ‘mahare’ (Bride price) is supposed to be in billions; sh10b to be precise. Men who would want to marry me should first look at the person they are taking home. I am gold. Those who do not have that money shouldn’t bother”, she said.

Talking about a possible relationship nowadays, she said she was not interested in any. She said she had her own property and would look after herself without the help of anyone. Perhaps there is non that is trying her out. 
The likes of Don Solo left wounds on her. She was heard begging on her knees for the Don not to leave. Word on the streets is that even Don Solo is now facing jail for fraud and the BMW he gave to Toto was taken back to him.

After parting ways with Don Solo, Zahahara Totto dated BetOn boss, Reuben Robert and later, South African-based Sangoma, Don Bahati. She is now a free agent.

Zahara Totto with Reuben Robert

Our analysts think Zahara is not worth 10 billion and should lay low like an envelope.