Zahara Totto Fires Back At ‘Faded’ Tina Fierce

August 27, 2020

Last week, former Urban TV ‘Scoop on Scoop’ presenter, Tina Fierce branded  Zahara Toto ‘ill-mannered’ and said she is not fit to be on TV.

This was after Zahara Totto fell out with South Sudanese national, Tony Taban Suleman aka Don Solo.

Don Solo accused Zahara Totto of insulting and burning his hand after he told her it was over. He also publicly released video showing Zahara Totto pleading with him to to leave her.

In retaliation, Zahara Totto started posting videos and pictures making out with new bae, Reuben Robert.

To Tina Fierce, she asked companies and NBS TV to fire Zahara Totto citing that she is bad influence to the young Ugandans who are looking at her as their idol.

[irp posts=”11416″ name=”Fire Ill-Mannered Zahara Totto – Tina Fierce Ask Companies, NBS TV To Sack The Gossip Queen | WATCH VIDEO”]

Tina said she doesn’t deserve to be watched by children at home.

It was from this point that Zahara Totto fired back at Tina Fierce and branded her clout chaser and faded TV presenter.

“Mpozi who said am fired ! My dear fans stop following jealous faded fake bloggers and faded tv presenters who chase clout for likes and cheap social media follow ! The real deal is on #uncut kalakata tonight! Uncensored,unfiltered, and very unapologetic!”, Zahara Totto posted on Instagram.