You Are A Snake, Don’t Have Talent And Your Dad Wanted Me Sacked So You Take My Show – Robin Kisti Goes Hard On Sheilah – WATCH VIDEO

May 5, 2020

Former Login presenter, Robinah Nambooze aka Robin Kisti continues her war of words exposing Sheilah Gashumba.

Kisti claims she was Sheilah’s idol and her dad used to force her watch her videos in order to be like her.

Kisti who worked with Sheilah at NTV, branded her a snake and claims she wanted her sacked conniving with her dad so they can take her show ‘NTV Login’ but she had to talent.

Kisti reveals that during P Square concert, she went with Sheilah and locked themselves in the disposable booth and smoked weed. The following day, Kisti claims Sheilah’s dad, called NTV manager, Joe Munene and reported her which resulted into a month suspension.

Kisti says she was shocked to see Bettinah presenting the ‘Login’ instead of Sheilah and after two weeks, they were forced to recall her.

She claims that Sheilah, her dad and Patricia Sewungu tried hard to get her sacked from NTV because they wanted Sheilah to present ‘Login’.

Kisti says Sheilah doesn’t have talent and that’s why she has never done a program of her own and advised her to go back and finish school.

Watch the video below: