You Are A Liar, Selfish, Jealous And Greedy – Abtex Bitterly Stings Bobi Wine | VIDEO

March 8, 2024
Bobi Wine (L) with Abtex (R)

Bobi Wine (L) with Abtex (R)

As a section Ugandans are still divided on Bobi Wine-Mpuuga saga, events promoter, Musinguzi Abbey aka Abtex has bitterly attacked the National Unity Platform (NUP) president.

Abtex’s anger stems from Bobi Wine’s failure to perform at Enkuuka on December 31, 2023.

As the events promoter geared up for Enkuuka, Bobi Wine took to social media and revealed that he has never paid him his money from 2015 Namboole Stadium Ekyepukulu show.

The next day, Abtex tracked down Bobi Wine and met him at One Love Beach – Busabala. In a rant last night, Abtex told Bajjo that Bobi Wine is a liar, selfish, jealous and greedy.

Abtex with Bobi Wine at One Love Beach – Busabala

The events promoter says he agreed with Bobi Wine to perform at Enkuuka and the NUP principal started playing hide and seek. He never picked up his calls again.

Abtex claims that Barbie denied Bobi from performing and claims the NUP principal is jealous as he doesn’t want people to gain from him.

Abtex told Bajjo that the musician-turned politician is greedy, claiming that he does not fund the foot-soldiers. He also alleged that if Mpuuga had shared 500m with Bobi Wine, the NUP president wouldn’t have made noise.

Abtex stung principal saying he lacks qualities to lead Uganda, reminding him that taking photos won’t remove Museveni from power.

Abtex also advised Bobi that he has does not have to rush to post and comment on issues, reminding him that he is not a blogger.