Ykee Benda Swallows Pride, Re-Unites With Baby Mama, Julie Batenga After Months Of Pleading And Apologies

April 15, 2020
Ykee Benda proposing to Julie Batenga

Ykee Benda proposing to Julie Batenga

In January 2018, singer and Mpaka Records CEO, Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda separated with his fiancee, Julie Batenga after 9 months in relationship.

Ykee Benda had proposed and even visited Julie’s parents but the cause of separation is still unknown. By the time of separation, the pair had a baby boy, Dante.

Ykee Benda with son, Dante

As we speak Julie Batenga is back to Ykee Benda’s rental in Buziga after the ‘Kyenkyebula’ singer pleaded and apologised to the baby mama.

It is said that Ykee Benda got bored of visiting Julie’s home to check on his son, Dante and decided to swallow his pride and asked her to forgive him and return home.

Ykee with Julie sharing a light moment before separation

Ykee was scared of not bonding with the son since we would take sometime without seeing him. This prompted him to ask Julie to forgive him and return so they can be one happy family once again.

But an inside source intimated to us that before Julie accepted to return, she set strict rules and asked Ykee Benda to keep his friends away from their home.