Woman Humiliates And Thumps Harmonize Impersonator For Seducing Her – WATCH VIDEO

March 23, 2020

Men out here are ready to make a living out of anything and if you ask me; this is the same thing Harmonize imposter was up to thanks to his striking resemblance with Konde boy!

This past weekend a video of a lady seen beating up Harmonize look alike spread like wild fire on Instagram. Well, apparently the lady was duped into believing that the guy she was involved with is Harmonize!

According to the lady, the fella approached her through his Instagram page where he introduced himself as Harmonize. Seeing such a big celebrity in her DM, she had no option but to quickly pounce on the opportunity of dating the star!

However thanks to a short press conference, the lady finally came to learn that her Harmonize was actually fake!

As seen on the viral video, the angry lady attacked the impostor beating him up for lying to her about his identity; which lured her into a relationship with him.

Watch the video below: