Why Promoter, Balaam Switched Off Sound During Rudeboy Show At Cricket Oval

February 17, 2020

During ‘Rudeboy Live In Kampala’ Concert at Cricket Oval – Lugogo on Valentines day, there was a blackout that took almost 10 minutes sending Chameleone and Cindy off stage.

This happened few minutes before Rudeboy came on stage.

Many thought it was a technical glitch but the truth was unveiled the next day when events Promoter and Businessman Balaam Barugahara said ordered his workers to switch off the sound systems.

Comedy Store CEO, Alex Muhangi fronted himself as the main person behind the show but Deejay Chi who was the real event owner.

Alex Muhangi thanking revelers at Rudeboy concert

Muhangi went to Balaam and booked for stage and sound, paying part of the agreed sum. He was supposed to clear the balance of Shs.7m before the even but the show went on without Muhangi the balance.

“Muhangi asked me to provide stage and sound for the Rudeboy concert and I did after I received part payment” Balaam says.

While in Hioma, Balaam realized that Muhangi was not the main organizer of the show and he decided to switch off the sound on orders from Hoima to his boys at the venue.

Balaam knew it would be easy to get his money by interrupting the show. This forced Muhangi to call and text Balaam to tell his boys switch on the sound.

If it wasn’t for Muhangi, Balaam says he wouldn’t have switched on back the sound. “Muhangi called and texted me begging for my help to him keep Rudeboy’s image safe and he promised to pay the money by himself’” Balaam says.

It was when the sound was finally switched back on and the show resumed.