Wema Sepetu Questions What Her Ex-Lover, Diamond Platnumz Really Wants

June 11, 2020

Tanasha Donna with Diamond Platnumz

Many have argued that Diamond Platnumz must be a fool to have let Tanasha Donna free from his arms.

Speak intelligence, speak beauty, speak independence and speak talent. The Kenyan girl is a darling for many and an envy to fellow women.

Unfortunately though, in as much as Tanasha tried to serenade her baby daddy with love, he got too busy to realize the piece of gold he had under his roof.

Ms Donna seemed like a ‘happily ever after’ for the Tanzanian crooner and an assurance to masses that the lad can finally settle in life. But woe unto us for raising his bar too high – one he could not reach.

Tanasha is back home, financially independent and rocking like a yummy mummy.

In a recent post, the Bongo Flava star’s first love, Wema Sepetu questioned the father of 4 what he really wants from an ‘ideal’ woman.

Ila wanaume… What do Men really want…???


Tanasha Donna with Diamond Platnumz

He had it all but his ego never allowed him to appreciate what he had.

Fans tried to speak on Diamond´s behalf but no answer really befitted why he let Tanasha Donna easily slip away.

Others left it all up to the Rolls Royce musician from East Africa to figure it out because he was the one who made his pick.

nashonyn uzuri mwingine haupimiki kwa macho. Probably she is missing something which is according to her baby dad is very crucial

cakezadina the want vipande vipande till they meet last kipande may be they can settle