Wema Sepetu On Why Hamisa Mobetto Will Never Be Accepted By Diamond Platnumz’ Mum

November 11, 2020

Mama Dangote and Diamond Platnumz baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto have bad blood between and don’t see eye to eye

For years now the two have been fighting for that special spot in Diamond Platnumz life and truth is, this artist will forever have his mummy around; and if I’m not wrong, Hamisa Mobetto might not make it to the list of potential wives in Diamond Platnumz life.

This is because first of all Mama Dangote dislikes Hamisa Mobetto to a level where she even ended up dragging Dylan (grandson) into the beef.

Well, as petty as it sounds I’ll let you know that we have witnessed Mama Dangote hate Dylan for his mum’s and grandmothers (Hamisa Mobetto’s mum) mistakes.

Since the beef has never been kept a secret; Wema recently went on an interview where she opened up revealing what grave mistake Hamisa made with Mama Dangote.

According to the Tz actress, Hamisa Mobetto should have held back from discussing Mama Dangote during her media tour a few months ago.

This is because despite the beef, at the end of the day the old woman still remains as Diamond Platnumz mother. She will not be going anywhere!

Wema Sepetu and Hamisa Mobetto follow each other

Speaking to a bunch of media personalities Wema Sepetu went on to explain the situation in a way that might just end her new found relationship with Hamisa Mobetto; but hey, at least she told her the truth, right?