Wema Sepetu Defends Ex-Lover, Diamond Platnumz After Zari Hassan Accused Him Of Children Neglect

April 27, 2020

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has defended ex-lover Diamond Platnumz after Zari Hassan’s criticism of how he was treating his own family. Wema believes the singer had a right to support other people, especially the less fortunate during the COVID-19 crisis and also because it was Ramadan.

The actress shared her two cents on Instagram as she revealed it was something she had to address and her soul could not let her stay quiet. “I’ve thought about posting this but every time I think- ‘I’m not posting,’ the soul bothers me. So I said ah c’mon! Why leave my soul without peace?” she explained. Wema said she had known Diamond to be a sweet and caring person who was trying to help people as he had come from a poor background himself.


She also added that Diamond deserved the best prayers and blessings.

“I have always known you to be a sweet and caring person from day one. Remembering where you came up, it was one of the qualities you had and in a song, you once said to us; ‘And the duck you eat- you and your friends, and play reggae with your poor friends.’ What you are going to do is beyond the ducks and reggae, slowly hands his right to give,” she wrote.

This came hours after Zari bashed Diamond calling him a clown and accusing him of forgetting his own family.

“You deserve the best prayers and blessings I am sure you already have and you are going to get more and more cause you deserve it,” she added.

Zari alleged Diamond was selling a lie, reminding him he will never please the world while his children were not happy and taken care of. This came moments after Diamond announced his plans to pay three months’ rent for 500 families.