Weasel Manizo, Pallaso In Nasty Fist Fight

April 9, 2020

Romour from Kyanja indicates that Weasel Manizo almost went bare knuckles with his brothers; Pallaso and Henry Kasozi.

The heated verbal exchange started when Weasel and Pallaso had visited Chameleone’s new manager’s home in Kyanja and got tipsy after galloping some beers.

It is said that Weasel was angered when Pallaso insulted him by calling him “broke nigga.” Pallaso  accused Weasel and Chameleone of not supporting their elder brother, Henry’s T-shirt business.

This triggered all sorts of abuses to the extent of almost exchanging fists.

Their elder brother Kasozi then took the trouble to try to cool the heat but Weasel wasn’t ready for that and instead turned the guns against him.

Henry Kasozi

He boldly insulted Kasozi by branding him as a product of ‘Slave trade’ adding that for all the years he spent in the US, he was only a T-shirt street vendor.

Seething with all the anger,  Weasel Manizo posted a video on his Instagram account burning one of the T-shirts that his elder brother Henry Kasozi makes under his branding company Fling Fire.


Going by the comments on Weasel’s Instagram post, it is only Chameleone backing up Weasel as he urged Weasel to pray for the devil.