Vyroota on how he slept in same bed with mother until 18yrs

July 5, 2023

Up coming singer Vyroota has revealed shocking details of how he slept with his mother in the same bed until he turned 18 years of age.

Vyroota at the moment he is in his early 20s but he is typical mum’s boy.

He is just rising to his fame but he has been rumored to be invested so much in sugar mummies as they are the ones funding his music career.

According to Vyroota, it is not true that he sleeps with sugar mummies. But as a celebrity, older women have been approaching him and asking for love.

With the respect he has for older women, Vyroota said he has rejected those women after all when he can’t wrap his head around sleeping with any of them.

The singer said he grew up with a single mother and for the time he has been staying at home, he has always shared a bed with his mother.

It is not a common thing in Africa especially with the preserved culture to find a mother sharing bed with a child above 12 years of age.

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But for Vyroota, it was a normal thing to do because the mother allowed him in her bed until he was 18 years and decided for himself to leave the bed.

“I Slept On The Same Bed With My Mum Until I was 18 Years. Because she was a single mother, I found it very easy and she also didn’t push me away to find my own bed,”- Vyroota