Vivian Tendo on why she isn’t promising her fans a concert anytime soon

April 26, 2023

HiSinger Vivian Tendo has revealed reasons why she is not promising her fans a concert any time soon.

Vivian has been in the music industry for about five years but she still has no plans of staging a concert like fellow musicians do.

Before when she was still with her old management, Vivian Tendo was pampered and she used to release music almost every three months.

But after leaving and managing herself, Vivian Tendo is no longer on top of her game as she releases a song anytime she wants.

She is now concertrating on both her music career and her marriage because she was recently proposed to by her boyfriend.

According to Vivian Tendo, she doesn’t have plans of staging a concert.

She said the reason is because she feels she doesn’t have enough songs to perform for her fans yet she would like to be the main musician on her concert singing non stop.

“I cannot promise my fans a concert any time soon. If I am to have a concert, most of the songs performed should be mine but I don’t have a long list to sustain me at the moment,”–Vivian Tendo, Musician said in an interview with Spark Television.

It should be noted that many Ugandan musicians don’t care about the number of songs they have to stage a concert.

The only thing they consinder is a hit song and if they have that, they are always ready to go.