Vivian Tendo Accuses Yese Oman Rafiki Of Threatening To Kill Her, Shares Evidence

January 13, 2022
Yese Oman Rafiki and Vivian Tendo

Yese Oman Rafiki and Vivian Tendo

In December 2021, Vivian Tendo went public and revealed she had parted ways with Yese Oman Rafiki to pursue solo career.

Since 2017, Tendo was under the management of Route Entertainment owned by renowned songwriter and singer, Yese Oman Rafiki but the pair never signed contract.

When Tendo told Rafiki she was leaving, he was not happy with her decision and since her departure he has been sending her threatening texts and audios.

In a video shared on her Instagram page, Rafiki can he heard threatening and abusing Tendo. Rafiki asked Tendo to look for him and settle matters before looking for her himself.

Fearing for her life, she ran to social media and shared her fears.

Vivian Tendo

To all my fans,I’m really sorry but I finally run out of patience, I’ve tried so much to handle this matter as a mature person,I’ve been strong enough to stay on the bad side of the story and I understand you all want me to drop new music but with whatever is going on behind the curtains I can’t. I’m not looking for any sympathy but incase anything happens to me or any of my friends or any of my family atleast you can know who to question! I’ve been threatened so many times and I wouldn’t want you to post my pics with “Missing person “ or “RIP” without knowing why! It’s totally out of my control now because it literally costs my life so I hope you don’t judge me I’m only trying to protect myself or my life before things get totally worse! I’ve always dodged interviews for the respect and gratitude I have for my former management but unfortunately the respect can’t be returned NB: That’s my boss speaking

Vivian Tendo

Watch video below:

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