URA Tells Bobi Wine To Cough Extra 337m For His Armored Car

April 22, 2021
URA tells Bobi Wine to pay 337m for his Armored car

URA tells Bobi Wine to pay 337m for his Armored car

URA (Uganda Revenue Authority) has told Bobi Wine to pay an extra $166,700 equivalent to Shs.337,698,776.25 for his impounded armored car.

At the beginning of April, The Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala ordered Bobi Wine to hand over his newly acquired armored Toyota Land Cruiser V8 to URA for re-verification.

Prior to that Bobi Wine had run to court and filed an application challenging Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)’s decision to re-inspect his car saying that it was the same body that cleared it in first place.

Bobi Wine’s armored Toyota Land Cruiser V8

In their argument, URA said the vehicle was declared to customs as an ordinary vehicle and not an armored one, and therefore, less taxes were paid for it and consequently there was need for another inspection.

After the court’s decision, URA customs picked Bobi Wine’s car and started inspecting it. It was discovered that indeed the car is armored and ordered the National Unity Platform (NUP) president, to pay an extra Shs337m if he wants his car back.

In the letter posted by Bobi Wine on social media today, URA wrote to his lawyers, Wameli & Co. Advocates and informed them about car findings and told what should be done for their client to have his car back.

“Following the re-examination of your clients’ motor vehicle, Toyota Land Cruiser V8, Reg. No. UBJ 667F; it was confirmed that the unit was armored. The details of Ballistic protection were confirmed as 90 mm for the window upper plate and 6 mm for bottom Hull.

It was also established that the declaration made vide customs reference UGCWH C54 of 12th February 2021 did bare false hoods of clearing it as a normal vehicle yet it was armored contrary to sections 203 of the East African Community Customs management Act, 2004.

Customs has re-valued the motor vehicle using alternative methods of valuation and appraised a Customs value of $166,700/= (United States Dollars One hundred sixty six thousand only); with payable of UGX 337,698,776.25/= (Uganda Shillings Three hundred thirty seven million six hundred ninety eight thousand seven hundred seventy six only)”, URA letter reads.

URA letter to Bobi Wine’s lawyers

After receiving the letter, Bobi Wine took to social media as he always does and accused URA of persecuting him.

“After several attempts at my life, some friends got me a bullet proof car. At first, all was good because it wasn’t in my name. Interpol, Police Forensics and URA all examined it and cleared it. URA levied a tax which we paid. Hell broke loose when they discovered it was my car”, Bobi Wine posted on social media.