UCC Orders Sanyuka TV Presenters To Apologise To OS Suna, Fined

December 21, 2021
OS Suna

OS Suna

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has ordered Sanyuka TV ‘Morning Express’ program to retract statements made against Singer, OS Suna and host him on the same program to give his side of the story.

On August 27th, ‘Morning Express’ presenters, Kayz Wako, Mako while hosting blogger, Isma Olaxess aka jajja Iculi, branded Os Suna a witch and claimed he has a shrine where he practices witchcraft.

This annoyed Suna who ran to UCC and ordered then to apologise or drag them to court. Having refused to publicly apologise, Suna through his lawyers dragged them to court, where they were charged with offensive communication and criminal libel and remanded them to Kitalya prison. Later they were released on bond.

L-R: Mako, Kayz, Wako behind bars waiting to be transported to Kitalya prison

As the case is still in court, today UCC ordered Sanyuka TV to pay $520 in total; $260 for distributing prohibited content and another $260 for noncompliance to minimum broadcasting standards.

Part of the letter from UCC to Sanyuka TV accessed by this website reads,

The commission finds Sanyuka TV to have breached the minimum broadcasting standards, standards for general broadcast program MORNING EXPRESS that aired on the 27th of August 2021 and in accordance with its mandate under sections 5(l) (i) of the Uganda Communications Act 2013

Read full part of the letter below:

Letter from UCC