Troubled Kato Lubwama Contemplates Leaving Uganda

September 11, 2021
Kato Lubwama

Kato Lubwama

Former Rubaga South Member of Parliament, Kato Lubwama is contemplating fleeing Uganda after losing court battle against his political rival, Habib Buwembo.

After winning Rubaga South legislative seat in 2016, FDC flag bearer, Habib Buwembo dragged Kato Lubwama to court over lack of minimum academic credentials.

However, the court process took long which saw Kato finish his 5-year term in parliament pocketing billions in the process.

Last week, court delivered its verdict and confirmed that Kato did not have the required academic qualification to be the member of parliament. With the verdict in their hands, Habib Buwembo and his lawyers demanded Kato compensates them a billion.

Habib Buwembo

While in TV interview, Lubwama explained he is ready to seek asylum in the Diaspora arguing that he can’t cough a single coin.

However, Habib Buwembo has also vowed to do anything possible in his capacity to get the money from the former Rubaga South MP.

Ugandans have been vocal against slow process in the judicial system which has resulted into delayed justice.

It should be noted that Peter Sematimba was dragged to court for lack of minimum academic papers but managed to sit S.6 exams while in parliament.

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