IT’S IN BLOOD! Tanasha Donna And Diamond Platnumz’ Son, Naseeb Junior Starts Singing

April 19, 2020

Diamond and Tanasha have a song together, 'Gere'

Tanasha Donna is spending more time to grow her music career and it looks like her son, Naseeb Junior has naturally  taken that up as well.

Ms Donna was known for her voice on the radio waves before hooking up with Diamond Platnumz where she spent more time in the music studios than probably working in the office.

Tanasha made her music comeback with ‘Radio’ featuring Barack Jacuzzi and it was a jewel to many.
Then came in ‘Nah Easy’ followed by ‘La Vie’. Before dropping her club banger ‘Gere’ that featured her Tanzanian ex-lover, Diamond Platnumz.
Tanasha and Diamond with their son, Neseeb Junior

Basing from her four hits, looks like she has decided to go full time on music, promising masterpieces like never before.

On her Instastories recently, the mother of one, captured her young son singing in the background and it lifted her spirits, captioning; Hear my son in the background like working on his vocals…@naseeb.junior. Its in the blood…


Sweetly adoring her little boy as: The man of my life 

No lie, Naseeb Junior was born to artistes-of-parents and probably like Tanasha says, ‘it is in the blood’.

Looks like a dear Naseeb Junior has decided to follow suit in her father’s and mother’s footsteps.