They Forget So Fast? Bruno K’a Baby Mama Vanessa On Why She Will Never Leave Him

July 1, 2024

Singer Bruno K’s baby mama Vanessa has revealed reasons why she will never betray him no matter what they go through.

Now Ugandans are wondering what he would have given her to change so quickly and fast like that.

Bruno K and Vanessa have a son together. They were not on the same page in the beginning and they started getting together after they did a DNA test for the child to prove it is his.

Still they had their ups and downs but they finally got on the same page and are working on things.

According to Vanessa, even though they had issues she always prayed for her baby daddy to love her son and even be responsible for him.

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He said that when he came along, she was the happiest ever and at the moment she can even die for him if it is needed.

Vanessa revealed that even if people say words, it will not change what she feels and thinks about her baby daddy.

“I don’t care about what people say when it comes to Bruno K, I am going to be with him and I will do anything for him. I have always prayed to have him in my life and that is what happened. I embrace it,”