Jalia Walda Continues To Punish Bruno K, Strikes His Song On YouTube

June 24, 2024

Business last Jalia Walda has continued to punish singer Bruno K also known as Bruno Kigundu by striking his song on YouTube.

This happened few days after they had a quarrel on social media calling out each other being a thief and a liar.

Bruno K and Jalia Walda never talked about their friendship in public. They said they knew each other so many years ago and they were happy to be friends.

But when they mixed their friendship with business, things didn’t work out and now they are enemies on social media and in real life.

According to Bruno K, the song was removed from YouTube but he is satisfied that he tried his level best to show what the truth is like.

 It Was A Stunt? Bruno K And Jalia Walda Fake Social Media War

He said he wasn’t the the thief like they said and he is willing to keep showing the truth of who he is without people having to speak for him and painting him as a bad person.

“Mulokole video ajilopyeyo ku YouTube. Anyway to all my fans and my fellow Ugandans now you know the whole truth. The only reason this project was uploaded even after all the insults and disrespect was to prove that I was never a thief like I was called. Kasita mwena video mwajilabye. Kati awo even if u report it The whole Uganda now knows the truth,”