THEY CAN’T WAIT? Sex Scandals Hit Coronavirus Quarantine Centres

April 15, 2020

Sexual affairs are being reported in Covid-19 quarantine centres and there’s major worry this could jeopardize the medics and Ministry of Health efforts to curb the spread of the life ending virus in Uganda.

While appearing on Spectrum show on Radio One Easter Monday evening, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary (PS) Dr. Diana Atwiine confirmed sexual cases and expressed great concern.

“Ugandans are not serious. Some who are in quarantine have even begun having (sexual) affairs. They move to rooms of others in the hotels where we have placed them. Others like in Mulago move from their rooms to visit their colleagues who are in other rooms,” PS Atwiine is quoted as saying on Radio One.

This, we have learnt, is one of the major reasons why people aren’t being released after 14 days because they are forgetting to practice social distancing, so far the most proven method of stopping the virus spread.