The Late Don Ivan Ssemwanga Alleged Son In Hiding After DNA Results Turn Out Negative – WATCH VIDEO

January 23, 2020

Rashid Kawere, alleged son to Ivan Ssemwanga is in hiding after DNA results turned out to be negative.

Kawere, a boda boda rider came out after the death of Ivan Ssemwanga and claimed he was one of the sons to deceased.

The family welcomed him because he resembles the late. He even attended a clan meeting where Pinto Ssemwanga, one of Zari’s eldest sons was being named the official heir of Ivan Sswemwanga in December 2019.

Zari with the late Ivan Ssemwanga’s three sons

After the clan meeting, the family wanted to solve the mystery for once and for all and DNA test was carried out by Nakasero-based MBN Clinical Laboratories.

However, the DNA results released yesterday indicated that Kawere is not related to Ssemwanga family.

George Ssemwanga a brother to the late Ivan (holding a mic) with Rashid Kawere at a clan meeting

“In case of a patrilineal relationship, Ssemwanga George- the alleged paternal uncle and Kawere Rashid- the nephew must have a matching allele in all the analyzed Y-STR system. A patrilineal; the relationship between the tested persons is impossible if there are more than three loci without a matching allele. In the present case, in 11 of the 23 analysed loci of the Y-STR, there was no common allele between Ssemwanga George and Kawere Rashid. Based on the 11 un-matching loci, Ssemwanga George can be excluded as the biological relative of Kawere Rashid through their male lineage,” the DNA results dated January 22, 2020 reads in part.

“Consequently, it is obviously impossible that Ssemwanga George is a relative to Kawere Rashid,” Moses Sanya and Dr Freddie Bwanga of the Nakasero-based MBN Clinical Laboratories added in their DNA report.

After the results, the family have tried contacting Rashid Kawere but instead switched off his phone.

Watch the video below: