The Guy In Alleged John Blaq Bonking Tape Revealed

July 5, 2021
Visa Vybez

Visa Vybez

On Saturday, netizens forgot about the lockdown after a boring tape of ‘John Blaq’ bonking a mystery babe while donning shades and chains leaked online.

Netizens were disappointed with ‘John Blaq’s’ drilling skills as he looked an amateur in the game of ‘Bedminton’.

After the tape leaked, John Blaq seemed unbothered and concentrated on shooting video of his new song which will be released soon.

Yesterday, Fun factory comedian, Hannington Bugingo took to his social media and disclosed that the guy in the boring bonking tape is an upcoming singer called Visa Vybes.

“VAR DECISION The “talented” Man U saw in the xrated video is called visa vybez. So disregard all the rumors that have been associating the video with John Blaq”, Bugingo posted.

Bugingo’s post

After getting a clue from Bugingo, our snoops started investigations into the matter and found out that Visa Vybes indeed resembles John Blaq. He also tries to copy his music style and dressing code.


Visa Vybez
Visa Vybez insta account