Teddy Bugingo Reveals The Amount Of Mount They Had Collected To Build Canan Land, Throws Jabs At Susan

January 29, 2020

‘Word of Salvation Ministries’ senior pastor, Teddy Naluswa Bugingo has revealed the amount of money she and former hubby, Pr Aloysius Bugingo had collected to construct House Of Prayer Ministries (Canan Land) in Kikoni Makerere. Teddy who was dumped by Pr Bugingo in May 2019,  revealed that by the time she left, they had collected one billion from the flock to construct the church but shocked to see people who go to Canan Land stuck in mad.

In an Interview with Bukedde, Teddy who seem to be hurt with Bugingo’s separation says, the controversial pastor should stick to preaching the word of God than bringing in personal feelings.

Of recent, Bugingo found himself in trouble with Ethics and Integrity Minister Fr Simon Lokodo, after claiming ‘Til Death Do Us Apart’ is nowhere in the bible.

Teddy who now preaches from Bat Valley, also thew jabs at Bugingo’s new bae, Susan Makula questioning what she has done to build Canan Land since coming into former hubby’s life.

Pr Bugingo with new bae, Susan Makula

Watch video below: