Team No Sleep On Verge Of Collapse As Alvin Kizz Also Quits – WATCH VIDEO

February 11, 2020

Legendary manager, Jeff Kiwa is still scratching his head as Team No Sleep (TNS) future remain uncertain.

Last week, Sheebah Karungi launched his company, Sheebah Establishment LTD following rumours that she quit the music label.

While her fans wait impatiently for her response to the rumours, Alvin Kizz, a singer and song writer who was signed to TNS after Chosen Blood left has also quit.

He confirmed in a video on social media on Monday that he is no longer managed by Jeff Kiwa and is not part of TNS anymore.

Alvin Kizz

Alvin Kizz who represented Uganda in Coke Studio last year says he currently has totally different management that is handling his music career. According to him, his management comprises of his friends who are working as a team to push his career further.

When asked if he left before Sheebah, he said he could not confirm whether Sheebah left TNS.

“Well, I am not sure about Sheebah leaving TNS because she and I are not really close. But I read the news as well and if it is true, I am in shock just like the rest of the world. But as an artiste grows, anything is possible.”

When chosen blood left TNS, it was said that Jeff Kiwa beat him up to teach him a lesson but Alvin Kizz says he doesn’t think Jeff could do that to him. He says Jeff is not who people think he is.

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