Tanzanian Activist, Mange Kimambi Blasts Diamond Platnumz For Not Using Protection, Vows To Teach Him

March 3, 2020

Tanzanian activist, Mange Kimambi has shamed Diamond for impregnating every woman who comes into his life without thinking of the consequences.

In her recent public rant, Mange bashed Tanasha for bearing Chibu a son too soon, yet he was not prepared for it.

Further calling out Diamond´s other baby mamas for falling into the same trap – reason why Diamond opted out of their lives.

Diamond´s baby mamas (from left): Zari Hassan, Hamisa Mobetto with son Dylan, and Tanasha Donna

However, Mange believes Diamond also has a stake in his ever-growing lineage, blasting him for not using protection.

She blatantly told the Tanzanian crooner to spill out, if he cannot afford to use protection.

“Na wewe Diamond jamani kama hupendi kutumia condom basi uwe unakojoa nje. Mbona mshamba wewe? Wanaume mastaa wenye visenti vyao wasiotaka kulipa machild support wanapigaga mabao ya nje tu”

Additionally warning him to stay on the look out for women who come into his life, just to conceive then squeeze resources from his pockets.

“Hata demu akwambie anatumia pills sijui yuko siku safe wewe usimsokilize piga mabao ya nje”.

Mange Kimambi