Tamale Mirundi threatens to shoot son Mirundi Jr dead

January 8, 2024

Political analyst Tamale Mirundi is very angry with his youngest son a fellow analyst Tamale Mirundi Junior.

He said he almost shot him dead and he still stands his ground that if he disturbs again he will shoot him dead.

Tamale Mirundi Jr is the only son of Tamale Mirundi that is in the media. Others are in big positions and jobs in the country.

Being in the media has exposed him to different types of people and political parties. He started as a member of National Unity Platform (NUP)

When they failed to win the 2021 general elections he left the political party and returned to the ruling party which his father supports.

Ever since then he has tried to be some kind of spokesperson for the ruling party but his father doesn’t agree with the information he gives out.

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According to Tamale Mirundi, he gets so much angry when his son is talking about things he is not sure of.

He said when he spoke about the attempted murder of Pastor Bugingo, it annoyed him to the extent of getting hia gun and trying to shoot him.

He said he was stopped by some journalists who were around but next time he might shoot him because he is very disrepectful.

“I don’t know who gave birth to that boy I think our child was exchanged after giving birth. I am speaking the truth I was almost shooting Junior dead and if he is not serious I will shoot him. He can’t be giving people wrong information,” Tamale Mirundi said