Tamale Mirundi Offers Chilling Advise To Government On Artistes/ Promoters Asking For Compensation Over Banned Shows

March 21, 2020

Motor-mouthed and controversial political analyst, Josephn Tamale Mirundi has advised government to flog artistes and promoters asking for compensatio over banned shows.

While speaking in an interview’ Tamale said he is happy artistes are crying saying it’s high time they felt the pinch.

He claims artistes never showed support to Bobi Wine when his shows were banned.

He asked why shoud they be compensated aruing that this is a natural disaster, the government never planned for it.

He made the statements after singer Catherine Kusasira appeared in an interview asking for compensation from the head of state after she claimed that she encountered losses from her canceled shows she had organized.

“In president Museveni’s speech there was no where he stressed that he was to compensate anyone when he banned all social gatherings. Bobi Wine cursed them because when they stopped him from performing no one fought for him. So they should also feel it as well. I thank God for that as well. If you’re to ask me they just need to be flogged and they go to bed because it is not the government that brought it but it came on its own”, Tamale said in an interview.

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