Tamale Mirundi Humbles Son, Junior One On One, Threatens To Thump Don Zella| VIDEO

January 29, 2021

L-R: Kasuku, Tamale Mirundi Junior and Tamale Mirundi Senior

Political analyst and former presidential press secretary has humbled his rampaging son, Tamale Mirundi Junior as the pair met face to face for the first time since his pictures leaked online while kissing socialite, Nalongo Sheila Don Zella.

Mirindu Junior who appeared on a Kasuku interview together with his dad, looked so humble as Mirundi Senior trashed his relationship with Don Zella.

Don Zella kissing vulnerable Mirundi Junior

The self proclaimed arrogant man said he doesn’t approve the son’s relationship with Don Zella, blaming the son’s associates for driving him into a wrong direction.

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As Mirundi senior spoke, Junior coiled his tail and was as quiet and humble as a hungry Dog looking at the owner with meat.

Tamale Mirundi and his son, Mirundi Junior

Murundi senior says Junior needs counselling, vowed to protect his son at all costs and warned Don Zella to stay away from him or else she is in big trouble.

Mirundi said the mafias are using his son to destroy the Mirundi name and revealed that he is taking his son to the US for further education.

Watch video below: