Struggling Latimun Runs Back To T.O.N

March 18, 2020

Struggling artiste, Tonny Mbangira aka has re-united with former manager and producer, T.O.N of Game Park Records.

T.O.N met Latimun when he was still a student at International Window School in Mbrara Town and started producing and managing him.

He helped him break through with ‘Amanya Gange’ song but later fell out over a girl.

It is alleged that Latinum snatched T.O.N’s girlfriend, Ninsiima and even ballooned her.

This angered T.O.N and could not handle betrayal hence kicking out selfish Latinum.

After trying to revive his career in pain, Latinum has reconciled with T.O.N and he is back at Game Park records.