Stop Your Slum Behavior Or—Zahara Totto Squeezed, Forced To Apologise To NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe

May 4, 2020

On Saturday night, NTV and NBS were involved in an entertainment battle for viewers to judge and vote which show is bigger.

The battle was between NTV Dance Party or NBS SNL and every TV tried their best to impress.

As the battle went on, NTV ‘Ku Sawa Emu’ news reader, Faridah Nakazibwe picked on NBS TV ‘UnCut’ co-presenter, Zahara Totto, insinuated that she puts on second hand attire and compared her outfit with NTV ‘The Beat’s’ Lynda Ddane by posting two photos.

“I have been following Lynda Ddane’s wardrobe but this gal can spoil the day for any other hater. Twawule engoye za Italy n’ezo ku mudaala”, Faridah Nakazibwe posted on Twitter.

Upon seeing the post, Zahara Totto hit back and blasted Nakazibwe telling her non of their presenters can afford what she wore with the 50k they pay them.

“Is this all you could do? Could you even afford a single attire I wore last night for your presenters with the 50k you pay them?”, Zahara Totto hit back at Nakazibwe.


After learning about Zahara’s Twitter outburst, the NBSTV supremos have rebuked and ordered her to apologise reminding her that’s not what they stand for.

As a contact biding employee, Zahara took to Twitter and apologised to Nakazibwe who started the war.

“Hello Tweeps, I want to apologise to Faridah Nakazibwe for the Tweets i made about her. I went overboard and reacted in a rude way but all iam saying is SORRY, Peace”