Stop comparing your PCM to a diploma – Kato Lubwama blasts Bebe Cool

May 15, 2023

Comedian and former politician Kato Lubwama has blasted singer Bebe Cool after the statement he made on Bobi Wine’s education.

Bebe Cool had said his A level PCM combination is far better than Bobi Wine’s diploma in Music Dance and Drama (MDD).

The singer even said he can’t pay for his children’s school fees if they are going to study MDD. He would rather give them money to start a fish business.

According to Kato Lubwama, sometimes Bebe Cool doesn’t think like his age. He tends to have a childish mind while talking to the public.

Outspoken Kato Lubwama said a said a diploma is far better than a form six certificate. And if PCM was more important, most people would drop out they wouldn’t join the University.

“You Can’t Compare Diploma with Senior Six. I want Bebe Cool to start thinking like an old man who went to school. He can’t be saying a form six drop out is better than a university graduate. He knows a diploma is better but he is just confused” Kato Lubwama on the PCM and MDD argument.

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Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool have been long time enemies. Their beef had ceased when Bobi Wine relaxed in the music industry to focus on politics.

However, the fact that he is slowly coming back to the music scene, their beef has resumed.