Stanley Ntagali Apologises To Rev Christopher For Chewing His Wife

April 22, 2021
Stanley Ntagali and Judith

Stanley Ntagali and Judith

Stanley Ntagali, The former Archbishop of the Church Of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali has yet again apologised for having committed adultery.

Stanley Ntagali made the remarks on Thursday afternoon at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Namirembe as the Church of Uganda marks 60 years of self-governance.

“I ask Rev Christopher, his wife Judith to forgive me. I want to focus on eternity because one day, i will stand before the Lord to account for my life”, Ntagali publicly asked for forgiveness.


In January, Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Dr Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu banned his predecessor, retired Archbishop Stanley Ntagali from carrying out priestly duties following his alleged involvement in an extra-marital affair with a married woman, identified as Tukamuhabwa Judith.

It is alleged that the Archbishop emeritus sired a child with Tukamuhabwa last year.

Rev. Christopher Tugumenawe, a lecturer of Religious Studies at Bishop Barham University College, Kabale wedded Tukamuhabwa under tight security at St. Peter’s cathedral – Rugarama, Kabale in December 2018.

Rev. Christopher Tugumenawe wedded Tukamuhabwa at St. Peter’s cathedral – Rugarama, Kabale in December 2018.

Tukamuhabwa dumped husband and dad of her two kids, Isaac Akamutuha who had gone on ‘Kyeyo’ in Abu Dhabi.

It is said that Rev. Tugumenawe was bonking Tukamuhabwa when his wife was still alive.

When Tukamuhabwa’s husband, Isaac Akamutuha left for Abu Dhabi in September 2018, the love birds (Rev. Christopher Tugumenawe and Tukamuhabwa Judith publicly announced their intentions to get married.

This was contested by the family of Isaac Akamutuha in vain and there was heavy police deployment at the wedding.

How Archbishop Ntagali Snatched Juicy Judith From Rev. Tugumenawe And Bonked Her:

What comes goes around comes around! Few months after Rev. Christopher Tugumenawe had snatched Tukamuhabwa Judith from Isaac Akamutuha and wedded under tight security, the pair got misunderstandings.

To resolve the issues, they involved retired Archbishop Stanley Ntagali to reconcile them. In the process, Ntagali got attracted to Tukamuhabwa and started bonking her into cabbage.

Rt. Archbishop Stanley Ntagali with Rev. Christopher Tugumenawe and by then wife Tukamuhabwa Judith

It is alleged that Ntagali sired a child with Tukamuhabwa last year.

When Rev. Tugumenawe learnt about it, he separated with Tukamuhabwa and filed for divorce in Mbarara court.

The matters would have been solved secretly but we were told that there were Christians who wanted to expose and humiliate Ntagali.

Ntagali, 65, served as 8th Archbishop of Uganda and handed over office to Kaziimba on March 1, 2020 after clocking the retirement age. He was also the Bishop of Kampala and earlier served as Bishop of Masindi-Kitara Diocese from 2004 to 2012.

Check pics of Tukamuhabwa Judith below:

Tukamuhabwa Judith
Tukamuhabwa Judith
Tukamuhabwa Judith
Tukamuhabwa Judith

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