Spice Diana On Why She Is Not Ready to Give Birth

March 4, 2021
Spice Diana

Spice Diana

On Tuesday, Singer and presidential advisor, Jennifer Nakanguubi aka Jennifer Full Figure asked Spice Diana on why she has not considered giving birth.

Full figure advised her to get serious with her manager, Roger and have a baby instead of wasting time because she has made money.

Spice Diana with manager, Roger in Dubai

Full Figure said young artistes like Spice Diana are afraid of having children because they assume it will slow down their careers and they will start looking old yet relationships are crumbling all around like Diana Nabatanzi’s with Lwasa.

According to Spice Diana, a child will slow down her career like now Full Figure has to move around with her baby everywhere.

Spice Diana

You have a child, you have the baby’s father, this conversation is going to kill my market. The Lwasa’s aren’t the kinds of men I like.

Spice told Full Figure that she can’t produce for Roger because he has a wife and children. She also clarified that she has a man but is not showing him to the public the way Full Figure’s baby daddy is a mystery because the public won’t let them rest.

Jennifer Full Figure