Spice Diana Goes Bare Knuckles With Fan Criticizing Her Fashion

January 24, 2024

Singer Namukwaya Hajjara also known as Spice Diana is not having it with a fan criticizing her fashion on social media.

She immediately responded to her in a negative way saying she is not supposed to speak up because what looks on her can’t look good on the fan.

Spice Diana is one of Ugandan female singers that is big on fashion. She usually goes beyond to dress so nicely.

However not all her fans like the way she dresses sometimes. Some have called her out saying that they are not happy with the way she dresses.

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But Spice Diana doesn’t cae of what her fans think of her dress code. She has always said that she puts on what makes her comfortable.

When Spice Diana posted a photo, one fan called her out saying she is putting on a carpet and as a fan she could see herself putting on such a cloth.


The singer responded to her saying she has seen her photos and she knows she can’t look good in the carpet she is putting on so she shouldn’t even dare it.