Sipapa Warns Bobi Wine That He Is Coming For Him After Ghetto Boys Smashed His Car Windscreen

September 15, 2020

City socialite, Charles Olim aka Sipapa has warned that he is coming for Bobi Wine after People Power fans smashed his car windscreen this evening in Kamwokya.

Last month, Sipapa, a renown NRM staunch fan stormed Kamwokya and parked near NUP offices which offended People Power fanatics and started throwing stones his car.

In the scuffle, bullets were fired. People Power fans said Sipapa came with the Rastafarians who shot the bullets. Sipapa disowned the shooters and claimed they came from NUP offices.

People Power fanatics warned Sipapa never to come back in the area and Bobi Wine also tasked the police to arrest him.

Sipapa’s car windscreen was smashed in Kamwokya

Sipapa insisted it’s a public road and will continue using it.

Today, he went back, which sparked off chaos. Bullets were fired and car windscreen smashed.

He took to Facebook and warned Bobi Wine that he is boys damaged his car and he is coming for him “BOBIWINE abayaye bo bakubye emotoka yange but am coming for yours too”