Sipapa Tables Evidence To Prove His Lover, Brown Shugar Is ‘Wasted’

July 11, 2020
On Thursday, singer, Ndagire Nakalema Evelyne aka Brown Shugar recorded a video crying inconsolably revealing that she is homeless and her property was confiscated due to debts.
Brown Shugar said she gets hurt seeing his lover, Charles Olim aka Sipapa splashing money to yet he can’t even rent her a house.
[irp posts=”9947″ name=”I Have Nowhere To Sleep But You Are There Splashing Dime – Crying Brown Shugar Asks Lover Sipapa To Rescue Her – WATCH VIDEO”]
Yesterday, Sipapa trashed the allegations and disclosed that Brown Shugar is a drug addict who needs urgent help and tabled evidence.
According to medical report from Paragon Hospital (Rehab), Brown Shugar intended to commit suicide in January this year (2020) after taking a lot of cocaine, heroine, ‘Kuba’ and excess alcohol.
Sipapa spent 7m to rescue her.
See evidence: