Sherry Matovu confirms being in love with new boyfriend after dumping Katts

March 3, 2023

Faded singer now business woman Sherry Matovu had confirmed being in love with a young boy after dumping her ex husband Tadius Katumba also known as Katts.

Sherry Matovu and Katts have been having an on and off relationship for so many years. In those years they have also had four children together.

The last chijd they had together was welcomed last year after they made up from their break up of almost two years.

According to Sherry Matovu, when she apologized to Katts and asked him to take her back in, he took it as a joke and played around it.

Even when they decided to have another child, Katts didn’t care about her through the whole pregnancy and even after giving birth.

As a young, beautiful lady with so many men hitting on her, Sherry Matovu said she couldn’t stay with a man who is not willing to put money in her and look after her like a man is supposed to do.

That’s why she decided to go with a young man who was willing to love her for who she is not what people say about her.

“It is true I am in love and I can’t deny it. I am glowing and it’s because someone looks after me, I couldn’t stay with Tadius who refused to care for me through the pregnancy and after the pregnancy. I don’t even see reasons why I apologized to him” Sherry Matovu said.

It should be noted that her new boyfriend is called Jay Hassan , ( boyfriend to Hope Shifa Of Surprisinga) Omwagalwawo)