Sammie Manini Comes Out As Gay, Video Servicing His Male Client Leak | VIDEO

March 25, 2023
Sammie Manini

Sammie Manini

TikTok sensation and social media influencer, Sammie Manini has come out as gay in a news cast aired by German broadcast power house, DW.

Sammie who is known for thrilling netizens on social media with funny jokes and videos, must have recorded a video in bid to chase visa to the US.

Sammie Manini in Rwanda

In a DW video, Sammie can be seen talking on phone giving directions to a male customer. Upon reaching, Sammie gives him a hug and takes him to a one room rental and starts giving him massage.

In a conversation with DW, Sammie says that his family banished him after knowing that he was gay. In bid to survive, he resorted into prostitution where he hooks up male clients for massage and happy ending.

Sammie’s video comes days after the Ugandan parliament passed the Anti gay bill, waiting for president Museveni to sign it into law.

As we speak Sammie Manini has gone AWOL and was recently spotted in Rwanda.

How that he is exposed, we believe he must be destined to the US where his colleagues, Keem Love Black settled.