Rwandan Slay Queen, Isimbi Yvonne Spices Weekend With Hot Nodos | PHOTOS

November 12, 2021
Isimbi Yvonne

Isimbi Yvonne

Rwandan YouTuber, model and Fashionista, Isimbi Yvonne Noeline has spiced up the weekend with hot and massive nodos.

Isimbi of Rwanda origin is vocal on social media and YouTube has accounts on Twitter, facebook, Instagram, Snapchat among many others.

Recently she launched a clothing line and markets her outfits to her followers.

With strict laws in Rwanda, Isimbi has stopped not stopped pursuing her modeling business. She created a website where her followers pay to see her modeling photos.

She is so aggressive and determined to conquer the World at any cost.

If you are to compare her with any Ugandan modeling celebrity, Kabareebe Doreen comes close but not too close.