Robin Kisti Quits STV Just After 2 Months

February 9, 2022
Robin Kisti

Robin Kisti

Reports from Buzinga indicates that Robinah Nambooze aka Robin Kisti is no longer working with STV, a station she joined in November last year.

In 2014, Kisti found herself on the bench after NTV relieved her from presenting ‘Login’ program. She fled to the UK but things didn’t work out and she was forced to return to Uganda but found hard time to settle in due to lack of job.

In October 2020, Kisti swallowed her pride, tweeted pleading with whoever has connections to help her get a job on TV or radio.

Months later, Azam TV offered her a gig on ChannelU but we don’t know what happened.

In October last year, NBS TV wanted to revamp ‘After 5’ show and invited celebrities for interviews. Kisti confidently did the interview knowing her experience would enable her land the job.

Robin Kisti

Unfortunately, NBS hired her nemesis, Sheilah Gashumba who did not even do an interview. A seething Kisti blasted NBS TV claiming that she is more talented than Sheilah Gashumba and that the only reason they chose the Lil Stunner was because of her huge social media following.

Weeks after NBS TV snub, she landed a job at SK Mbuga’s Buziga-based, STV to present the ‘100 Degrees’ show together with Mosh Mulla, Grimez Ug, and DJ Lenox.

Kisti with Mosh Mulla, Grimez Ug, and DJ Lenox

According to our sources, Kisti requested to be given a company car to ease her movements claiming her car had a mechanical problem and that she would return it once the repairs on hers were finished.

They gave her the car but over a month later, Kisti had not returned it and she kept using it for her personal errands. It is said that she personalized the car, never even wanted any other employees to use it and would keep it through the weekends.

After two months of possession, the company is said to have forcefully repossessed the car and she felt disrespected, hence quitting in the process.

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