Robin Kisti Finally Lands TV Gig After Being Snubbed by NBS TV

November 26, 2021
Robin Kisti

Robin Kisti

Experienced television host, Robinah Nambooze aka Robin Kisti is finally off the bench after landing a job with SK Mbuga’s STV in Buziga.

Kisti who rose to fame while hosting ‘Login’ program on NTV, found herself on the bench after she was sacked from the Serena-based station in 2014.

She fled to UK on Kyeyo but things didn’t work out for her. She was forced to return to Uganda but found hard time to settle in due to lack of job.

Robin Kisti

In October 2020, Kisti swallowed her pride, tweeted pleading with whoever has connections to help her get a job on TV or radio.

I need to get back on radio so for those who would love to have this voice on your radio, am available. Akalimu kafuuse akalimu #Askandyoushallrecieve #Amen


Her prayers were answered. She landed a gig with Azam TV’s ChannelU but we can’t tell what happened because we never saw her working.

In October, NBS TV wanted to revamp ‘After 5’ show and invited celebrities for interviews. Kisti confidently did the interview knowing her experience was going to enable her land the job.


Unfortunately, NBS TV recruited Sheilah Gashumba who never even appeared for the interviews.

A furious Kisti blasted NBS TV claiming that she is more talented than Sheilah Gashumba and that the only reason they chose the Lil Stunner was because of her huge social media following.

A month after being snubbed, Kisti finally landed a gig on STV and she will be hosting a show dubbed ‘100 degrees’.

November is a blessing for Kisti! On Saturday, November 13th, Mark Asiimwe visited Kisti’s parents in a traditional ‘kukyala’ ceremony.

She revealed that they are planning an introduction and wedding in January 2022 because she wants most of her family members to attend since they stay abroad.

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