RIP! Nyondo Club Owner, Vicent Kasumba Is Dead

April 21, 2020

Sad news coming in indicates that owner of Nyondo Club, Vicent Kasumba is dead following seven years in intensive care unit (ICU).

Vincent Kasumba has been battling for his life after suffering a brain tumor in April, 2013.
The businessman was announced dead last evening by a family member.

Since he fell sick, his family members have been fighting for his properties.

RIP: Vicent Kasumba

Late Kasumba owned various properties and several businesses, including the famous Nyondo pub in Najjanankumbi and other buildings in Kampala and Masaka.

He is a brother to Joseph Kiyimba, the owner of Ambience discotheque.

Nyondo Club is located in Najjanankumbi after FDC’s head offices along Entebbe Road.