Rickman Manrick opens up on his relationship with Frank Gashumba

April 17, 2023

Sibger Rickman Manrick has opened up on his relationship with his father in law Frank Gashumba.

He did so after Frank Gashumba showed that Rickman is not his dream son in law and he doesn’t see him marrying off his daughter.

Frank Gashumba went ahead and branded Rickman Manrick weird names like ‘Kony’ because of his hairstyles and the life he lives.

When Frank was asked what he would do if he met Rickman Manrick, he said he doesn’t think they will ever meet.

But according to Rickman Manrick, he has been meeting Frank Gashumba on different occasions. And everytime they meet everything is normal thru greet each other.

Sheilah Gashumba and Rickman no more (Screenshots)

Rickman said he has never had a conversation with Frank Gashumba. They just stop at greeting each other as they both continue to their destinations.

Talented Rickman Manrick said he doesn’t think Frank Gashumba hates him like the way the media portrays it.

He said he is looking at marrying Sheilah Gashumba and their wedding might come as soon as possible eveb when people less expect it.

“All the times I’ve met Mr. Frank Gashumba, we greet ourselves. We have never had a conversation as men but we still don’t have hatred for each other,”- Rickman Manrick

It should be remembered that Frank Gashumba said he wants his daughter to get married to a rich gentleman who has an official job and makes enough money.

He said these guys that hang around his daughter are not his ideal type of men he wishes the daughter to be with.